On Tuesday the South Dakota Department of Health reported 562 New Cases of COVID-19. Thus setting records with 33,466 Total Confirmed Cases, 8,441 Active Cases, 329 Hospitalizations, and 330 Deaths.

On Tuesday the Ellsworth Air Force Base put out a notice saying their Health Protection Condition (HPCON) level has risen from HPCON BRAVO to HPCON CHARLIE. CHARLIE is the second-highest category in the warning.

Ellsworth Air Force Base is located about 10 miles northeast of Rapid City in western South Dakota.

Ellsworth Air Force Base communicated on their Facebook page that “This HPCON increase is warranted based on Department of Defense guidelines which take into account local conditions such as increases in active COVID cases and available hospital capacity.”

There are 5 HPCON Levels: 0, ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, and DELTA. BRAVO indicates Moderate Increased Community Transmission. CHARLIE indicates Substantial Sustained Community Transmission. Defense.gov says that if your area is experiencing CHARLIE level you should follow these protocols:

  • Expect cancellation of in-person gatherings (such as school, daycare, and all community activities) and restricted ability to travel.
  • Plan activities for family members, especially children, in case you are restricted to your home for prolonged time periods.
  • Prepare for the potential of limited access to supplies and services, including severely restricted access to military installations.
  • Implement remote work procedures as directed by your employer.
  • If outside the U.S., authorized or ordered departure actions may be implemented.
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