I wonder how many people some decades ago were just a wee bit drunk (or maybe more than a wee bit) and saw something that was super cool on one of those late night infomercials (maybe those greatest hits of the 70's on one incredible album! or that super-duper magic tape that can cover that gaping hole in your rusty old boat out behind the garage), bought it...and when it arrived in the mail thought 'When the heck did I buy this??'

OK, now let's move to current day.

You've had a tequila or two or six and you're online. And Holy Smoke, you run across something that is so utterly fantastic you just HAVE to have it! With a simple click or two, bingo...it arrives in the mail and you think to yourself (see above) 'When the heck did I buy this??'

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Only the technology is different.

Tech and Business Newsletter The Hustle did a big survey and found that among alcohol drinking adults, each spent about $400 a year on items bought while, well, intoxicated. You know...drunk.

So where in the heck are they spending that money?

No big surprise here. Overwhelmingly, it's Amazon. They say that not only does Amazon have everything you want (and of course while you're drunk, things you only think you want), it's super easy to just 'click and get'. Ebay comes in at a distant number two.

So how many people are scratching their heads when they get something in the mail they bought online while, uh, under the weather? I'm not sure.

But I do have some dusty old cassette tapes with the greatest disco music ever recorded that I just had to have one morning about 2:15 or so.


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