Three events stand out in the mind when it comes to the ever-tenuous relationship between cars and bicyclists in Sioux Falls from this past summer. 

One of those was a fatal collision at 49th and Kiwanis.  A teen was pinned under a car at 41st and Marion Road.  Another was the visitor from Norway who got seriously injured on Marion Road near Madison Street.

Fortunately on Sunday evening after dark, a bicyclist was not seriously injured on West 41st Street because the rider was on the street with no lights, no reflective material on their clothes and riding against traffic.

This week’s weather is conducive to outdoor agenda’s motorists and cyclists should have a checklist for remedial purposes.

Drivers: DO take an extra peek on the sidewalks when you make turns out of driveways and intersections.

Drivers: DO give a little extra room when you encounter a bicycle on the street.

Drivers: DON’T use excessive speed when overtaking bicyclists.

Bicyclists: DO follow all traffic laws because the same rules apply to all operators of mechanized or non-mechanized vehicles.

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