I'm killing myself. I read about it everywhere. If I eat too much of this, I'm slowly killing myself. If I don't eat enough of that, I'm slowly killing myself. If I don't do this or don't do that I'm shortening my days on the planet ...And if I DO do those other things, you know the ones, well...yeah, I'm slowly edging up to my demise.

So when I came across an article that said I was actually doing something to keep me upright and taking oxygen longer I though there must be some mistake!

But no, 'tis true.

I'm sure you read the JAMA Internal Medicine magazine. We all do. There it is on my night stand, right between the current issue of MAD and the latest Sports Illustrated.

But just in case you missed it, they just did what they call the very first large study showing that coffee drinkers live longer. And I don't mean just those folks that have a single cup in the morning to get the ol' motor started. Nope. They're saying even those of us who drink at least eight cups daily appeared to have what they called a 'longevity boost'.

Me? Well, you can ask pretty much anyone around here at the radio ranch, I have the cup in my hand when I'm going from here to there bothering people...I mean, working. For me coffee isn't a morning starter (Oh wait, I guess it's that, too), it's an all day companion and best friend.

Oh, and the story said part of the reason for the good news is coffee contains more than 1,000 compounds including cell-protecting antioxidants.

So here i am, walking around being healthy. That is, of course, until the next study will show coffee will shorten a persons life span. Oh just wait, there'll be one coming.

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