Two months before meeting Duane Dog the Bounty Hunter Chapman, Francie Frane saw his picture and said, "That guy needs a haircut." The 51-year-old Colorado native had no idea who the reality star was, but had a friend who was convinced they'd change each other's lives one day.

Frane talked to the Sun about her serendipitous relationship in an article published days after the couple revealed they'll soon be getting married after just a few months of dating. Her husband died about six months before Beth Chapman died. While on a trip to Arizona, a friend pointed out that the late reality television show star had lost her battle with cancer, and though though Frane was moved, she more or less responded with, "who?"

"So she pulls up pictures of Duane and Beth and she holds the phone up to me and she said, 'This is Dog the Bounty Hunter, you know who he is.'" Frane recalls.

"And I looked at his picture and I say, 'I have no idea who that is — and that guy needs a haircut.'"

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According to Frane, that same friend received a message from God the next day, saying that she and Dog would meet and change each other's lives. The newly-widowed rancher thought that was crazy until two months later when Chapman called, trying to reach her husband, Bob, about some repair work.

There's a story there, too — Frane says she'd quit answering and returning calls on her husband's phone because it was too hard. Her grandson had it when she realized there were three messages. She erased the first two but the third —Chapman's message — just started playing before she could erase it. He referred to a mutual friend, so she called him back. Soon they were both crying, then they were meeting and reminiscing, and eventually, they were dating.

Now, they're engaged.

"Did I ever thought that I would be with anyone ever again? Absolutely not," Frane says.

"I told everyone, my family, friends, everybody that I go to church with, I will never, ever be with anybody ever again."

Don't look for Frane on Dog's next television venture, but also don't expect him to cut his hair. She likes it and now understands it's part of who he is.

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