A man walking on a sidewalk on Covell Avenue was bitten by a smaller breed dog on Wednesday August 3, 2016 at approximately 5:30 PM and authorities are now looking for the owner and vaccination records to assist the victim. 

A 24 year old man was bitten by a dog while the man was walking on the sidewalk on South Covell Avenue between West 5th and West 6th streets. As the man was walking on the sidewalk, he passed a white woman, described as 50-60 years old with blond hair who was wearing a pink tank top. The woman was walking two dogs on a leash. One dog was a husky and the other dog was a small, shaggy haired terrier type dog that was light gray or brown.

The smaller breed terrier bit the man, who realized later that the bite was more extensive that originally thought.  The woman walking the dogs apologized and continued walking along Covell Avenue.

Animal Control needs to identify the dog in this incident to verify its rabies vaccinations. If you have any information on this case, please call Animal Control at 367-7000.

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