As a kid, the best day of the year was Christmas, followed closely by your birthday...and the 4th of July wasn't too far behind, either.

The worst day of the year? That's easy, the day after Labor Day. That's the day school started. Oh, it was fun to see all your friends again, although, in the small town where I went to school, most of us saw each other all through the summer anyway. But that single day, that day after Labor Day, which meant school was starting and a long year of the school lay ahead.

Well, things are different these days and have been for quite some time. You see, it's been quite a few more than quite a few years since my shadow fell upon the 'ol school door.

I was talking to my kids the other day and they said their kids begin the new school year on August 15th.

Huh? Well, they live down in Nebraska, and yep...August 15th. So not having kids here in the Sioux Falls Public School system (thusly, not paying too close attention), I checked out the public schools here and found out the young 'un's trudge through the school door on August 23rd.

And it's all fine with me, I don't have, as they say, a dog in this fight. I know some school districts have 4-day weeks, and in some parts of the country, they have pert near year-round-school. So I guess to each his (or her) own.

But I remember in the old days, it was pretty much 'Day After Labor Day' and when Memorial Day rolled around, well, that school year was a memory (By the way, I see the last day of school in the Sioux Falls Public Schools is May 21).

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