I'll be very honest, I could care less what is printed on my Oreos when I'm dropping them into a cup of coffee and digging the dripping morsels out again to shove in my face. But someone might.

So I decided to share the info I came across in a ridiculous article found while perusing Spoon University yesterday. Someone with too much time on their hands researched the so-called "mysterious" symbols pressed in "America's Favorite Cookie".

I guess I always assumed the symbols, which until now I had never even bothered to look at, were some sort of corporate Nabisco thing. Yes and no, apparently. The word Oreo is encircled in an oval topped with what is described as a "European symbol of quality".

The double cross symbol supposedly mimics the Cross of Lorraine carried into battle by the Christian Knights Templar during the First Crusade where they massacred Turks peacefully living in Israel. Symbol of quality? Hm?

The other symbols, which most people think are four-leaf clovers are actually a "Cross Pattee" another symbol the Knights Templar sewed to their robes to distinguish them from soldiers of other religions.

All of this deep dark depressing information prompted me to take a quick trip to Snopes. This revealed that this theory has been around for years. The symbols may or may not represent something which mattered in the 11th Century. Another truth is that the decorations or symbols on Oreos have changed over the years. Is that a sign of yet another conspiracy?

Yeah, a conspiracy which sells nearly 100 million packages of the delicious dunkers every single day! I highly recommend the Oreo Thin Chocolate cookies. You get a double dose of dark deliciousness! They could have a monkey's butt stamped on them and I'd still love them! So Oreo lovers unite and snack on!

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