A friend of mine threw a statistic past me over the weekend that I refused to believe until I looked it up for myself. He wanted me to believe that we buy more candy at Easter than we do at Halloween - and by golly seems he was right.

Easter candy sales here in this country are HUGE. I had no idea.

According to Fortune Magazine, the latest figures from the National Retail Federation show American consumers will spend an estimated $2.4-billion on Easter Candy this year. By comparison, this past Halloween we spent $2.1-billion - a little less.

Those who keep track of these sort of statistics say the difference can partly be explained by the number of candy consumers for each holiday.. Easter is considered more of a "traditional holiday" compared to Halloween.

During Easter, people of all ages and all budget levels celebrate. Whereas, not everyone celebrates halloween. Easter is also a generally considered a larger "retail holiday."

To read more on the amount of money we spend on candy each year, go to the Fortune Magazine website.

Source: Fortune Magazine

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