Day two of my restaurant trip to Des Moines takes me to a place of extreme burgers. In fact, some of them are just downright scary!

Zombie Burger, with its zombie-obsessed decor, is creating ridiculous mashups involving chicken-fried bacon, cheese curds, fried pickles -- you name it!

We decided to go to their downtown location. When you select your burger, you can have it with a single, double or triple patty. I went with a double "Dead Moines" burger which is smoked gouda, prosciutto, ham, truffle mayo (pictured above).

My girlfriend went with the restaurants most popular burger, "The Walking Ched" which consists of breaded deep fried macaroni cheese bun, bacon, Cheddar cheese, caramelized + red onion, macaroni + cheese, mayo.

I can honestly say, that these burgers will leave you stuffed to the max! Basically, leave your diet at the door is what I'm saying! When it comes to delicious and crazy burgers in Des Moines, Zombie Burger wins, hands down! Oh, and make sure you grab yourself one of their awesome shakes and floats!

Zombie Burger in Des Moines

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