The mid 1970's launched what came to be known as the 'Country Outlaw Movement'.

Fueled by artist's like Waylon and Willie, Paycheck and others, the 'movement' brought country music to an entirely new audience.

It was in 1976 that one of those 'country outlaw's' released a song that has become a country classic, 'Long Haired Redneck'. His name was David Allan Coe.

A line in the classic say's 'She says Jimmy Rabbitt turned her on to my last album...', so of course the question is: Who is Jimmy Rabbitt?

Well, Jimmy was a radio deejay in the 1960's and beyond and according to one website, he was a country music outlaw before it became cool! I remember him and his band Renegade from back in my own early days in radio back in the 1970's. And as a matter of fact, you can purchase his Jimmy Rabbitt and Renegade album. And while Jimmy may not be as well known as some of the other 'Outlaw's', he helped make the genre' what it became.

If you want a 'taste' of Jimmy Rabbit and Renegade, just click on them doing the classic 'Ladies Love Outlaws' below.

Oh, and did you know Jimmy co-wrote 'Long Haired Redneck'? Yep.


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