Daktronics is partnering with the NBA's Phoenix Suns on a new venue-wide, LED Super System. The Brookings company, which makes electronic scoreboards and digital signs announced the partnership on Thursday.

Phoenix Suns President & CEO Jason Rowley mentioned how instrumental Daktronics has been in reshaping the Suns arena.

A renowned leader in digital displays, Daktronics has been instrumental in the significant transformation at the reimagined Phoenix Suns Arena. When we welcome fans back to the home of the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury, they'll be surrounded by remarkable technology that will truly elevate the fan experience at every turn.

-Phoenix Suns President & CEO Jason Rowley

The Suns have poured $230 million into the renovation of their basketball arena, with a large portion of that going to the work Daktronics has done.

One of the major installments Daktronics made in the arena is a giant 700 foot LED screen that fans will see in the lobby. They also constructed a new jumbotron at center court, which is 6 times larger than its predecessor.

For more information on the partnership and an in depth-read on the many improvements Daktronics has made to the Suns/Mercury arena, visit Daktronics press release page here.

To see what the new arena looks like and what fans will be seeing once pandemic restrictions are lifted, check out the YouTube clip below.


Story Source: Daktronics

Story Source: Az Family via YouTube

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