By Sanford Children's Hospital

At 4 years old, Tayden Grohs was diagnosed with a brain tumor that would require chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. A tumor on his spine caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down, but Tayden fought hard and went into remission. Just after turning 5, Tayden relapsed. His cancer came back in full force. On Christmas morning, 2014, Tayden earned his angel wings and took his superhero cape with him to heaven.

Tayden loved jumping in and helping his dad whenever he could, so when the four-year-old wanted to lay around in complete exhaustion rather than playing outside, Trev and Danielle knew something wasn’t right with their little guy. He’d have sudden episodes of vomiting, with no explanation. Danielle researched his symptoms and feared that it was cancer. On August 22, 2013, her worst fears were confirmed with a diagnosis of medulloblastoma, a brain tumor.

Immediately, Tayden started chemotherapy and then proton radiation. A 10-hour surgery was next to remove the tumor, which left him paralyzed from the waist down due to the tumor on his spine. More chemotherapy treatments followed and then came the word the family waited for—“remission.” In the midst of that storm, Tayden became a big brother to Trace, whom he loved to play with whenever he got the chance.

Just after he turned 5, Tayden relapsed. His cancer came back with a vengeance in June of 2014. Several treatments followed during the next months, keeping the family at Sanford Children’s, but on December 22, Trev and Danielle could tell that it was time to take their Tayden home to spend his last days in comfort with his family. On December 25, 2014, Tayden Dale Grohs wore his superhero cape to heaven.

Even in his young age, Tayden was the most selfless, loving person you could ever meet. To keep Tayden’s spirit of selflessness alive, ‘Team Tayden’ organizes fundraisers throughout the year to support other families and kids going through cancer.

“Loving you was so easy. Missing you is so damn hard”