Calling all cat lovers around the Sioux Empire! If you enjoy hanging out with cats and wish you could cuddle them all night long, a new event is coming to a café near you!

The Cattitude Cafe in Downtown Sioux Falls is the "purr-fect" spot to meet new furry friends and maybe even take them home! These cats are from the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society and the goal of this partnership is to find these cats new homes. Since The Cattitude Cafe has been opened, over 100 cats have been adopted. That's pretty amazing!  Maybe after a movie night the cats, even more kitty friends will find their "fur-ever" homes.

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The Cattitude Cafe is always giving residents opportunities to meet cats that are ready to be adopted. After hosting successful wine and paint sessions, the first-ever South Dakota cat café will soon have movie nights with cats!

According to a Facebook post, movie night with cats at The Cattitude Cafe will be every Friday beginning this Friday, November 17th. The movies will be changing each month. What will be the first movie night at The Cattitude Cafe? The record-breaking movie..."The Barbie Movie!" Come Barbie, let's go party...with cats!

BYO small blanket and pillow and we'll provide the seating. Please do not bring outside food or drink. Drinks will be available for purchase at the bar!

Space is limited for the exclusive movie nights with the cats at The Cattitude Cafe. Only 20 spots are available so there is no time to waste! Cat lovers can book their movie nights with the cats by clicking here.

There will be late nights with lots of kitty snuggles involved!

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But what if you are trying to tell someone where your cool friend or family member lives in our fine city? Some of our streets and avenues have tricky spellings that may throw visitors for a loop when trying to sound them out.

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