A remarkable night on Saturday as Crystal Gayle was officially inducted into The Grand Ole Opry by non other than her very own sister, Loretta Lynn. The event took place on the stage of The Ryman Auditorium.

Crystal Gayle has put forth a legendary career over five decades. She has had countless hit records and garnered many awards.

But it wasn't as easy as just being the younger sister of the country music legend, Loretta Lynn and having a great singing voice. The connection to her sis was actually an obstacle to overcome right at the start.

When I was honored to have Crystal as a guest on my radio show a few years ago, she explained. She had to slant her sound to the pop music genre to establish herself as Crystal Gayle. If she would have come out singing traditional country, she would have been perceived as trying to copy her sister Loretta.

She also had to change her name from Brenda Webb. There was already a Brenda in country music with Brenda Lee. So she used her middle name Gail and changed the spelling to Gayle and added the catchy and unique first name Crystal.

After all that, now add in the most important ingredients of all. One being that of the most glamorous voice ever heard. The other of one of the most beautiful creatures on God's earth.

There's one more element that I must personally add. She is one of the most amazingly nice people that you could ever have the great pleasure of meeting. I learned that first hand when I met her and talked with her. After the on air interview, she stayed on the line and visited with me like we were old friends.

Crystal made her Opry debut 50 years ago on the Ryman stage, singing the country classic “Ribbon of Darkness” at age 16.

She had been publicly invited to join the Opry by Opry member Carrie Underwood in November. Let's watch that invitation:

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