The weather has been perfect for field work after a cold wet Spring, and our farmers are out there getting the job done. Planting of corn and soybeans is wrapping up in South Dakota.

The Federal Agriculture Department says in its weekly crop report that 87 percent of the soybeans are seeded and 97 percent of the corn is in the ground. Also about one-third of the sunflower crop is planted.

Nearly all of the state's spring wheat crop has emerged. Only 6 percent of the crop is rated less than fair.

About one-third of the winter wheat crop has headed, with only 12 percent of the crop rated less than fair.

Topsoil moisture supplies are rated 73 percent adequate to surplus and subsoil moisture is 69 percent in those categories.

Pasture and range conditions statewide are mostly rated fair, good or excellent.

The weather outlook for the next five days suggests planting will completely wrap up.

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