Halloween is arguably one of Nashville's favorite holidays: a night when artists and their fans alike can go all out, dress up as their favorite heroes and villains and parade around Music City and across the country, be it onstage, while trick-or-treating or at a party. Many of country's biggest names celebrate the holiday in a bigger-than-usual way every year, too, involving their bands and families in the process.

Click through the photo gallery below to read about some country stars' fondest Halloween memories, and their favorite ways to celebrate fright night!

TO ADD: Randy Houser"I just remember running like hellions all through the night on Halloween. Hay rides were always fun because you got to cuddle up to your little girlfriend. When you're a little kid -- 10 years old or so -- you don't get to hang out with your girl that much. [laughs] You got to cuddle up because it was always a little bit chilly outside ... Your little girlfriend always wanted to get warm at that time." (from 2010)

TO ADD: Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum remembers a very embarrassing Halloween costume. "I was a die (half of a pair of dice). I had a big cardboard box that I had painted white and had the polka dots and stuff. I was walking up this hill to and literally fell back down the entire hill, rolling in this giant cardboard box that I couldn't do anything about. I rolled down about 50-feet." (from 2010)

TO ADD: Alan Jackson didn't have an embarrassing costume, but he admits one year he was a little embarrassed for his daughters. "I remember when they were infants, they had these costumes, and they looked like a little pea pod. It's like a little green pea or something. And I thought man, that's awful. But Denise liked it, and I guess it was cute, but... (laughs)." (from 2010)

Tyler Farr was always good at getting the candy ... but never reaped the rewards. "It was a great time to go out and trick-or-treat and get candy ... then my parents never lettin' me eat all of it and hidin' and it becoming petrified within a year."

Tyler isn't as concerned these days with sugar on Halloween, contemplating on what he'd like to get in his trick-or-treat bag these days. "Shotgun shells, maybe some, like, Under Armor cold-weather gear or some turkey calls, a good shaving kit maybe. You know, times have changed, so I don't think candy and Tootsie Rolls are quite on an artist's diet." (from 2012)

TO ADD: Faith Hill's Halloween traditions with her family include trick-or-treating with her daughters, of course. But she also likes to hang with friends on fright night. "We usually get together with friends and eat a meal together, just to get food in the stomachs of our kids before we go out trick-or-treating. Then we trick-or-treat for a little while and then come back and hang out." (from 2010)

TO ADD: When Blake Shelton was a teen, he and a bunch of friends went out "egging" on Halloween, and they hit the wrong car. "The lights came on, and it was a police officer! He started chasing us. I looked back and saw his flashlight tumbling. [He] tripped trying to chase us down. My buddies went back and started hitting him with eggs. To this day they were never caught ... until now." (from 2010)

TO ADD: Justin Moore is not a big fan of Halloween. "I absolutely hate Halloween," he says. "Everybody makes fun of me because I despise Halloween, and I don't know why. As a child, I was a very serious child, which makes no sense because I'm never serious now. But I never wanted to dress up as a kid." (from 2010)