We are excited to have country newcomer Teea Goans joining us for an interview Monday morning March 25th starting at 9:05am. We will have Teea live with us for around 20 minutes.

We have patiently been waiting for this grand opportunity to visit with Teea, who we consider a special new artist to country music. We look forward to visit with Teea about her background and her music career.

The combination of her voice, style and song selection is, by our standards, highly valuable to true country music. She appeals both to the younger audience, which is important for any new artist to possibly succeed, as well as the long time country music fans that demand the classic country sound.

We feel her music is what we want to include in our play list. As a matter of fact we are playing songs off of her most recent album, 'That's Just Me', that haven't even been released as singles.

They are just great songs. And we are playing them.

We have been promoting the best country music since 1969, and today we definitely have our focus on artists to include Teea.

We are proud to have her join us on 'Classic Country 1000 KXRB'. For Teea fans outside the listening area, listen live at KXRB.com

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