Turn on a 'mainstream' country music station these days and it's likely as not you'll hear a remake of a Motley Crue 1980's rock song.  You'll hear a loud guitar blasting like it just came out of a Guns N' Roses classic rock smash.  You'll hear something called 'hick-hop' that you definitely won't being singing along to anytime soon.

The country music pendulum has definitely swung away from country music.  And I get it: If you can make millions and millions of dollars by playing rock and wear a cowboy hat, why not?  If it's rehashed rock or 'hick hop', but I call it country, it's country, right?

The folks who love what I call 'real country' music (or, if you will, traditional) may feel a little left out in the cold, but I have great news!  I mean, fantastic news!

There is a whole generation of artist's who aren't ashamed of being country! Now, you won't hear them on the great majority of 'country' stations.  Why?  Because they're 'too country', a phrase I've heard through the years and have never been able to understand.

Let me introduce you to a few, in case you haven't heard of them.

First, Teea Goans.  I first heard Teea a few years ago (maybe more than a few, time flies).  This young lady has one of the finest voices of the past couple decades and honor's her country music roots.  Here, she sing's a great Bill Anderson song.



Now then, it wasn't long ago I head a song by a guy named Gord Bamford.  Gord who?  Turns out he has one of the great country voices in music today (In fact, I'll give him a great compliment: He's reminiscent of George Strait).  Come to find out, he's from Canada.  Not too surprising I suppose, since Canada gave us one of the greatest of all time, the legendary Hank Snow!  Here, Gord sings a great country song about his daughter.



OK, if you haven't heard Mary Sarah yet, you will!  At some point the country music pendulum will swing back, away from the rock and back to country.  And when it does, one of the biggest star's will be a young lady named Mary Sarah.  She's released an album of duets with the biggest names in country, people like Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard and many more!  Here she sings with the late great Ray Price.



Oh and you may not know it, but the legends and greatest country artists are releasing new music too, singles and albums.  Over the past couple years or so, there's new music by Hall of Famers Don Williams, Ronnie Milsap, Willie Nelson, Ray Price and many more.  In fact, the great Randy Travis (who should be in the Hall of Fame) has released a couple albums with his take on some of the greatest songs ever.  Want an example?



So you see, if you look, there is a ton of great country music being recorded by some very, very talented artists!  And a final tip: They all (along with all the legends) play on AM 1000 KXRB and KXRB.com.  Because we play real country music.


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