It was all innocent enough. An image of you at a party doing something fun. Maybe enlivening things a bit by being funny. Or is it inappropriate? Maybe something you'd just as soon not have your parents see.

But no problem. Those old fogy parents don't even get onto your digital platform of choice. No worries there.

But what about that college you hoping to get into?

In the old days, and in this case the 'old days' aren't that long ago, you'd work your tail off to get good grades, craft an as-close-to-perfect essay as you could, get several quality references could they turn you down?

But for many institutions of higher learning, while those things still matter, there's something more.

That photo of you on Snapchat that you're not so proud of now. That image and story on Instagram that you thought was a hoot. That Facebook video that...well, it was just your friends seeing it, right?

According to Teen Vogue 25% of college admissions officers say they look at applicants social media.  So it's not an overwhelming number, and in fact is less than in the recent past. But if they school, the one you really want to get into, is one of that 25%, how would it impact you?

Perhaps a reminder: Social posts aren't just for friends. You never know who might be watching.

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