It's something every parent who has kids that walk school has on their mind, "What's the safest route for my kid to get to school?" And in this case, parents are asking the question before the brand new school has even opened.

Questions are being raised about the potentially dangerous situation of children having to cross the busy intersection of Highway 11 and 41st street on their way to the soon to be opened, Ben Reifel Middle School.

Dakota News Now is reporting that one Sioux Falls parent, in particular, is sounding the alarm about the crosswalk.

Sarah Sporrer has two kids that will be attending the new middle school next fall. For her, having children cross six lanes of state highway traffic doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

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Currently, the speed limit has yet to be reduced in the area near the school, however, Sporrer says she has heard talks of it being brought down. With that being said, she still doesn't feel like that does enough to keep kids safe on their way to class.

The Ben Reifel Middle School Principal sent out an email addressing the issue and said they are reviewing it. More information is expected to be released soon.

In a statement, the Sioux Falls School District said:

The Sioux Falls School District partners with the City of Sioux Falls, local citizens, and traffic safety professionals through the city’s PATH Committee to help create and maintain pedestrian-safe pathways throughout the city. The PATH Committee is scheduled to discuss Ben Reifel Middle School at its next meeting on March 11th

-Sioux Falls School District.

For the full story, visit the article on the Dakota News Now website.

Story Source: Dakota News Now

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