If you love to shop then this is the gig for you! A company is offering $5,000 in spending money for a "Shopping Specialist." According to UPI, the company, RetailMeNot.com says they will give the specialist $5,000 to spend over the course of a week at various retailers -- plus funds for one meal a day -- in order to test out coupon codes, cashback offers and promo codes both online and in stores.

Some of the requirements include being 18 years of age, a minimum of 2 years shopping experience in both in-store/online and knowledgeable in money-saving tactics like using coupons etc. All you have to do is to document and share your shopping experiences and findings with the RetailMeNot team. As for benefits, you get to keep everything you purchase! 

So you better hurry and send in your application right now, you have until Friday, August 9, 2019, to apply. Click on the link above for more information.

Source: UPI

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