Christmas at Grandma's house meant a lot of things.

Perhaps most of all the amazing smells. There was always something baking at Grandma's house, and I mean all year long. But somehow, someway, those smells were bigger and stronger come Christmas time.

Cookies and cakes and rolls and, well, just about anything that could be baked.

Then sitting on that small couch in that small house in that small town, and look there on the (yes, small) end table.

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Ribbon candy.

Now, truth be told, any candy was good candy at Christmas. But for some reason, when I see ribbon candy it brings me back to Grandma's place. There always seemed to be a Christmas Bowl with the stuff in that living room. Was it good? Well, it sure was then!

Now, I'm not sure how good it was for the teeth (Must not have been too bad, heck, I still have four left!), but it sure was dandy for the taste buds of a ten-year-old.

Did Grandma make it or buy it? Well, knowing what kind of budget she was on, I have my opinion, but either way...sprinkled with a little Grandma love and soaked in a wonderfully warm memory, it still has a special taste I will never savor again.

Now, for those of you who have no idea what 'ribbon candy' is, or how it's made, well...check out the video below and perhaps make some ribbon candy memories of your own.


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