Charles Kelley and his wife Cassie have welcomed their first child, a son.

Ward Charles Kelley was born at 9:20AM CT on Thursday (Feb. 11). He was born weighing 7 pounds and 9 ounces, and measuring 20 inches long, according to an announcement on Cassie Kelley's website Womanista.

"We can't stop staring at him, and he hasn't stopped chitchatting with us since he arrived," the couple says. "He's got momma's nose and daddy's eyes and vocal cords and a head full of blond hair."

On Thursday afternoon, Charles Kelley shared a photo of his new bundle of joy on Instagram.

"... He's so calm, unlike his father," Kelley writes. "Glad I didn't head up to the @thegrammys events this week or I would've missed the coolest day of my life ..."

The Kelleys first revealed that they were expecting a baby in early August; later that month, they revealed that their first child would be a boy. The couple has been open about their struggles with fertility issues, even discovering that they had just a 1 percent chance of conceiving naturally.

“We’re thankful. We’re so — blessed isn’t a strong enough word,” Cassie Kelley says. “We were up against some incredible odds, and it still happened.”

Still, she admits that she is grateful for the time that she and her husband had together on their own.

“I think back over the past six years of our marriage and am grateful for the time that Charles and I have had together, just the two of us,” Cassie Kelley muses. “I’m grateful for the adventures that we’ve been on, the places we’ve visited, the lazy days we’ve lounged away on the couch together, the late nights spent on the bus talking about our dreams over a bottle (or two!) of wine. I know all of that will change once our little screaming bundle arrives, but our bond that was built during those precious moments will not. God knows us, and he knows our marriage, and he blessed us in just the right time.”

February has been an exciting month for Charles Kelley: In addition to the release of his debut solo album, The Driver, and the birth of his son, the artist is nominated for a Grammy.

“It’s like, everything comes in threes. It’s so true,” he notes. “In my career I’ve always felt like all great things came at once ..."

When Lady Antebellum pick back up following their self-imposed hiatus, baby Ward will have two built-in playmates when he joins his dad on the road: Hillary Scott and her husband have a little girl, Eisele Kaye Tyrrell, while Dave Haywood‘s son, Cash Van Haywood, celebrated his first birthday in September.

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