We continue to do stories on how drastic the world is changing around us by the day. New ideas, new concepts, technology and more are taking over.

For example, we did a number of stories on how Lyft, the new transportation service, is causing taxi companies to go to the way side.

This story is about how the general public gets their music. I have been a music lover for over 50 years.

There have been many changes during that time. That explains why I have things packed away in my storeroom at my home. Items no longer being used, like a turn table and a stack of vinyl records.

I have a cassette player and cases of tapes that haven't seen daylight for years. And I have no idea what ever happened to my 8-track player and tapes.

I listen to my music on CD. But wait! Now that's going away too. Due to the majority of people purchasing their music thru streaming services, stores like Best Buy will stop selling CD's.

CD sales will end at Best Buy starting July 1, 2018.

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