You may or may not know this but each state gets to choose two statues to display at the U.S. Capitol. So, can you name the South Dakota statues? Not many can.

The reason I ask is I recently ran across a story about the state of Mississippi considering switching out their statues with either Elvis Presley and / or B.B. King.

A University of Mississippi panel has proposed switching out one (or both) of the statues. The Governor and State Legislature would first have to approve the changes however.

Currently, the Mississippi statues are of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Confederate Politician J.Z. George.

That got me wondering, "What are the South Dakota statues currently on display at the U.S. Capitol?" They're William Henry Harrison Beadle and Dr. Joseph Ward.

Mr. Beadle served as an educator at Madison State Normal School from 1889 to 1906, first serving as a professor and then as school President.

Dr. Ward started Yankton Academy, later handing it over to public control. It eventually became the earliest high school in Dakota.

The William H. H. Beadle statue is located in National Statuary Hall and the statue of Dr. Joseph Ward is located in the Capitol Visitor Center - so now you know.

To find out what the other state statues are and where they're located, here's a link.

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