SPOILER ALERT: This post may contain spoilers for season 4 of Stranger Things!

Season 4 of Stranger Things came out on May 27, 2022, and fans of the show binged it pretty fast so maybe you didn't notice the phone number on the pizza truck.

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The pizza delivery truck belongs to Argyle, a new character this season. He is one of Jonathan's new friends in California.

He's a stereotypical stoner and works at Surfer Boy Pizza. Surfer Boy Pizza's number is displayed on the delivery truck- 805-45-PIZZA or 805-457-4992.


Well, a few fans tried calling Surfer Boy Pizza's number, and guess what? Argyle has something to say.

I decided to check it out myself and document the experience.


When I first tried to call, it was all static and weird. (Are we in the Upside Down?) Tried a second time, then I could hear Argyle loud and clear. At first, I thought he was doing the bit from the show about pineapple on pizza being delicious, which it is, but then it goes into some weird order. Something about six-inch crust and yellow.

I'm a fan of the show, but I'm not sure what I'm listening to. Are these clues about something? Is it an Easter egg for season five? Help!

Ok, I feel like an idiot. Upon listening to the message a 4th time, I have a theory. Is this the order that Mike, Will, and Jonathan place with the guards? Then when Argyle shows up, all hell breaks loose! I think I'm on to something.

Do you think I'm right? What is your theory?

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