I'm not quite done yet, but I can see the end from here. Friday, January 30, 2015 will be my final day in broadcasting, at least as things stand now.

It's a career that began in 1972 on what was then the campus radio station at South Dakota State University. It took me to Huron for radio, Sioux Falls for television (best left unsaid) and then to KSOO Radio in August of 1976.

Oh, there have been highs, and believe me, there have been lows since then. Night meetings, 7-day weeks and long work days. Angry phone calls from public officials and people with a perceived axe to grind.

But along the way I met and married Sharon, without question the love of my life. We built careers and a life together in Sioux Falls.

Through it all I've had more co-workers than I could possibly count. Back when I had a staff, people I hired went on to become lawyers, editors, business executives and TV anchors, while I stayed here.

For the last 9 1/2 years my broadcast partner has been Chad McKenzie, one of the best human beings I know. We were acquainted before, but when we were paired together on the air we clicked, at least in my view. And despite whatever was going on around us, we have remained friends and I expect we always will. I can't thank Chad enough.

By the way, I'm a lot happier than one of the images of me would indicate.

I've been privileged to have been part of an informal radio network of South Dakota stations and first-rate journalists, whose names might not be familiar. But here's to you, Jerry Oster, David J. Law, J.P. Skelly and all of you. It has been an honor to work with you, not as a competitor but as a colleague..

There have been many other co-workers of note, including Rick Knobe, who was the mayor when I came to town, and Ben & Patty of The Mix. Jerry Dahmen of our sister station at the south end of the building. Special people whose friendship I treasure.

And you, the listeners and website readers--you are the reason all of us do what we do.

This is not goodbye. We aren't moving away and we plan to stay right here in Sioux Falls.

So I'll just say "See you around."


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