Minnehaha County Jail’s expansion time has arrived. Commissioners endorsed that expenditure and more in accepting the 2018 budget.

The final tally was put forward in a press release. Next year’s budget for Minnehaha County stands at $131,024,402.

It’s a big number. Compare that to the Fiscal year 2017 mark which came to $81,771,727.

The Commission set aside $46,000,000 for expanding the jail which has been at or near capacity for several years. That’s not the entire reason for the gap between this year and last year.

More full-time employees will be added in various Minnehaha County Departments. State’s Attorney will add multiple people next year with Equalization, Treasurer, Human Services, Jail and Sheriff’s Office each expanding their areas by one.

Commissioners were able to meet the deadline for accepting the FY2018 budget which is September 30.

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