Buck Owens owned the 1960's.

Seriously, in the world of country music, Buck Owens absolutely lived on top of the country music charts. By the time millions of new fans were introduced to Buck through Hee Hawon national television, he was already a superstar to millions of others.

Credited with, if not inventing the 'Bakersfield Sound', bringing it to a mainstream audience, for those of us who have worked in country music radio for longer than perhaps we care to admit, Buck Owens hits are two minutes of the best country music ever recorded.

But back to the 1960's. Why do I say Buck owned that decade in country music?

Well, this country music Buckeroo had a total of 18 number one hit's in the '60's, including a phenomenal 14 in a row! Songs that have now become country music standard's, classic's like 'Love's Gonna Live Here', 'Waitin' In Your Welfare Line', 'Open Up Your Heart' and my personal favorite 'I've Got A Tiger By The Tail'.

But it was the first of those 14 straight that was, in fact, Buck's first ever number one. He had come close, with 6 Top 10 hits, including 3 that went to number 2 on the chart.

But it was 1963's 'Act Naturally' that had Buck popping the cork on the champagne to celebrate his very first number one hit. And the rest, as they say, is history. Buck Owens country music history.