I'm old school. I say that neither proudly nor ashamedly. Just as a matter of fact.

I like 'old school' TV. Give me an episode of 'The Rockford Files', 'Columbo' or a classic Western like 'Gunsmoke' and I'm good to go. I can pretty much recite every episode of the original 'Twilight Zone' and almost quote episodes of 'M*A*S*H' word for word.

Musically I pretty much lived in pop/rock through about 1985, and as far as country I'm pretty good through about the turn of the century. Get past about 2000 or so and I start to get lost a bit. By 2010 country music had largely passed me by and gone on to live in my kids and grandkids.

So when I see something new come out, I'm what you might call a bit skeptical. That was the case when I saw that Brooks and Dunn was releasing a new album 'Reboot', updates on their great classic songs.

I love the 'old' Brooks and Dunn' stuff. Heck, when 'Boot Scootin' Boogie' came out in 1991, I didn't so much 'boogie' as stagger and stumble on the dance floor. But at least I tried.

Anyway, I see this 'Reboot' album come out and one of my favorite Brooks and Dunn songs, an updated 'Believe' is included, with Kane Brown.

Uh-oh. I hope they didn't destroy this great song. I was familiar with the name Kane Brown, but not so much with his music. (Remember, for better or worse, I'm 'old school') So it was with much trepidation that I played the song that's up there at the top of this article. I kind of held my breath and....

Was amazed.

This song stirred my soul when I first heard it back in 2005. And it did the same thing when I heard this new 'rebooted' version. And really, when you strip out all the flash and noise, isn't that exactly what a great country song is supposed to do?

So am I suddenly a Kane Brown fan? Well, lets not go that far yet. But I'll say this: I'm a Kane Brown fan on this song.

And thank you Kix and Ronnie for a great updated version of a great classic. (Geez, a 'classic' from 2005?? For this old schooler a classic is from 1964, but that's a whole 'nother story).

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