If you need a good laugh today, then this video from British YouTubers will literally have you rolling around on the ground!

VT brought together a group of Britains for a hilarious video about UK residents guessing famous American landmarks and where they are located.  VT is an original series that gathers people together for fun and entertainment.  The media group usually finds interesting topics to discuss and highlights the major differences between Americans and "Brits."

What you're about to watch is not staged.  These Brits literally have no idea what this South Dakota landmark is or where it’s located. Their answers had me in stitches!  The way each person describes these landmarks is truly amusing!

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VT paired three groups of random individuals to complete this challenge. Billy and Lauren, Mark and Marrisa, and Christian and Stefan had to identify eight American landmarks and their locations.  It didn’t take long for South Dakota to make an appearance and steal the spotlight in this game.

Some of the hysterical comments from the groups include:

"Well, I don't know what this is." 

"Who's this guy hiding in the back?" 

"I know what this is!"

"Can you name the Presidents?"

"Is this Henry Hoover?!" (I'm sorry...that's just wrong!)

"That has to be Hamilton because I've watched 'Hamilton.' "

"I've heard there's a conspiracy theory that there's a room behind Lincoln's head." 

So did these Brits correctly guess that Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota?  Umm...not really.  Here are their responses:

"The Founding....something."

"Mount Rushmore! Which is located...."

"That must be Cedar Rapids."

"It's Mount Rushmore and it's in...Colorado?" 

If you're shaking your head in absolute disbelief, don't worry you're not alone.  As indicated by their comments below, the viewers were left shaking their heads too!


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