Fifteen-year-old Brennley Brown gave her best performance yet on The Voice with Martina McBride's "Anyway" on Monday (May 8).

Brown truly commanded the stage and brought the song to life with her powerhouse vocals and killer confidence. The young singer set a beautiful stage complete with soft lighting and an orchestra lining the staircase. She offered plenty of emotion and power in her delivery — her voice stands out more and more each week. She even added a little attitude in as well and did McBride proud when she belted out the signature big notes, but a particularly sweet moment came when the young Brown knelt down and held a fan's hand, singing right to her.

During rehearsal, Brown revealed she has a personal connection to the song and would be singing it for her mom, who encouraged her to pursue her dreams even though others told her she's too young. Brown's former coach Blake Shelton had nothing but a rave review for the 15-year-old budding star, saying she "definitely made a believer" out of him and called her an inspiration for young people.

Shelton praised her for selecting a song with such a positive message, calling her performance "important" while adding that her voice has "never shined brighter" and she'll only continue to get better. Current coach Gwen Stefani was just as impressed, praising that Brown did an "incredible job" and calling the performance "beautiful" and "better than I ever imagined."

Two contestants will be eliminated during Tuesday's (May 9) episode of The Voice, bringing the competition down to the Top 8. The results will be announced live at 8PM ET on NBC.

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