Brandi Carlile turned to social media to share an emotional musical tribute to John Prine after his death on Tuesday (April 7), performing "Summer's End" in honor of her hero and friend.

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter posted the clip below to Instagram in the early morning hours on Wednesday (April 8), writing, "Can't sleep. Praying with this old guitar."

"I’m gonna miss singin’ this one with you John so tonight I’ll sing it to you," Carlile says. "I know you didn’t make it home in the way we all wanted but you made it home. Put in a good word for us."

She ended by sending out her love to Prine's wife of 24 years, Fiona, signing the post, "xoyoursingingpartner."

Carlile performed "Summer's End" in a simple, sparse arrangement, accompanying herself on acoustic guitar as she sang the plaintive lyrics, which hit particularly hard in light of Prine's death.

"Just come on home / Come on home / No you don't have to be alone / Just come on home," she sings in the clip below.

"Summer's End" originally appeared on Prine's final album, 2018's The Tree of Forgiveness, with Carlile singing background vocals.

John Prine died on Tuesday after being hospitalized on March 26, when he experienced a sudden onset of symptoms after contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19). In a statement on March 29, his family shared that he had been intubated on March 28 and that "his situation is critical." He was 73 years old.

Fiona Prine turned to social media on Wednesday to issue a statement, writing, "We have no words to describe the grief our family is experiencing at this time."

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