Bra-Vo Bold will be hosting a bra collection drive of new and gently used bras on Sunday, October 1 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.  The newly formed organization, founded by Dr. Tricia Merrigan and Ellie Highstreet will be collecting bras that day from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Ellie Highstreet describes her passion to help other women in Sioux Falls.  "This summer my friend and I co-founded a new organization, Bra-Vo Bold. The mission of Bra-Vo Bold is to boldly raise money and awareness for women's issues and support women in need." explains Highstreet.  "October is breast cancer awareness month, and we wanted to show our support with this event!  We will then distribute the donated items to domestic violence shelters and other organizations throughout the area."

Partners and sponsors for the upcoming event on October 1st are being sought. The organization can be reached at

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