A 20-year-old woman has been the subject of a search since she was reported missing on Thursday (July 19). Mollie Tibbetts is a University of Iowa student who was last seen jogging in her hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa. The search has included the fields on her jogging route and a residence where she was dog sitting for her boyfriend.

Boyfriend Dalton Jack says he started getting phone calls from friends and family on Thursday, starting with Tibbett's employer saying that she had not shown up for work.  That's when Jack left his job in Dubuque to drive back to the couple's hometown and look for her. He says it is not her nature to run away.

Jack says the last time he was with Tibbetts was July 16, before he drove approximately one hundred miles away to his summer construction job in Dubuque.  Her plan was to dog sit for him at his residence in Brooklyn.  Daily routines included her going for a run, bringing her phone along and wearing a Fitbit.

The couple has been dating for three years.  Future plans include going on a trip together for a family wedding, and getting an apartment, all indicators that she would not be planning to run away, according to Jack.

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