The Blue Angels are always a guarantee draw at any air show they attend. They were here at the Sioux Falls Air Show back in 2012 and drew record crowds.

So rather than hold the Air Show on it's normal three year schedule this summer, they're going to wait for the Blue Angels to be available again.

That comes up July 23-24, 2016 here in Sioux Falls.

Even though I'm not an Air Show type of person, I admit I was fascinated watching the Blue Angels fly practice runs all over town that summer. We'd hear them coming and go running outside the radio station if we were able to, or at least press our faces to the windows like a three-year old outside a candy store.

I ended up joining a bunch of other 'casual fans' near Russell and I-29 to watch them fly their formations and try to get a few pictures with my old camera. I've got a feeling you'll be able to find me in the same location next summer.