President Donald Trump has announced that the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels and the U.S. Air Force's Thunderbirds will begin performing flyovers across the country to honor medical workers and those working on the front line to fight COVID- 19.

This announcement comes at a time when so many traditional events throughout the United States are being postponed, or simply canceled altogether. Many see this as a morale boost the country needs in these trying times we're living in.

The flyovers are being dubbed "Operation America Strong" and will begin flying over American cities Tuesday, starting with a demonstration above the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas.

U.S. Air Force
U.S. Air Force

Recent reports state the flyovers will take place in cities throughout the country. These include New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and more.  Last week the Thunderbirds flew over the Colorado skies after the Air Force Academy graduation.

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