During October consumers will be inundated with pink product and charities asking for money for Breast Cancer Awareness. Unfortunately scam artists know that too.

That's why the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of something called "Pinkwashing."

Since the pink ribbon symbol isn't regulated by any one agency, companies can put it on their products even if it's not necessarily tied to a company's charitable contributions.

In other words, just because you see a pink ribbon doesn't necessarily mean that all of your money is going to that cause.

In other cases, companies will put a "cap" on their maximum donation. Once that amount is reached, any additional funds may be held back.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

According to the BBB, it's all about doing your homework. They recommend finding out what percentage is being donated and which organization it's being donated to.

You should also confirm the charity's corporate partners. Many national breast cancer charities list their corporate partners and sponsors on their website.

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