South Dakota finishes in first place - again. You would think it would get old after awhile, but it doesn't. Face it, despite what many might think, South Dakota is a great place to live.

The website recently did a survey to find out what state was best for retirees - and, surprise! South Dakota came out on top.

The study found that of all 50 states, the best place to spend your golden years is South Dakota. In fact, we did quite well in a number of areas.

South Dakota scored high marks in well being, physical health, how people feel about themselves, how they feel about their community, their personal relationships, their wider social relationships, and our low tax rate. The only area that South Dakota didn't score well in was in the area of weather, with our long, cold winters.

Utah came in at #2, followed by Idaho, New Hampshire, Florida, Montana, North Carolina, Wyoming, Nebraska and then Mississippi. New York came in dead last for retirees, mainly because of the cost of living.

Source: CNBC

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