Not every romantic comedy takes place in New York City or Los Angeles. In fact, some are set in most of the 50 states, including here in South Dakota. Insider recently listed "The Best Romantic Comedy Set in Every State" based on using IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes scores as well as their own opinions.

As for the best romantic comedy set in South Dakota, they say it was a movie that was the movie, "Son-in-law" starring Pauly Shore that was released back in 1993. The insider says:

What happens when a '90s LA hipster goes home to meet the parents of a South Dakota farmgirl? You get the eternally funny rom-com "Son in Law". With plenty of antics and well-timed jokes, this movie should be on every romantic comedy lover's "must-watch" list.

Every state besides North Dakota has been the setting for at least one romantic comedy film.

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