After 25 years of being behind the microphone, Bert Blyleven called his final Minnesota Twins game on Wednesday night.

Blyleven bid farewell to the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday (September 2) night as the Twins defeated the White Sox 8-1 at Target Field. The Hall-of-Fame pitcher has been involved with the Twins organization as a player, broadcaster, and will start now as a consultant.

His work as a broadcaster never went unnoticed. Blyleven always had quick digs at teams like the New York Yankees, and he created a craze at the Metrodome and Target Field as fans would bring signs to the stadium in hopes that Blyleven would circle them on television. The "Circle Me Bert" sign became a staple of a Twins game.

The outpouring support for his work came through both the broadcast and the game last night. The Twins players tipped their caps and waved to Blyleven before the game started last night.

Blyleven's longtime broadcast partner Dick Bremer gave his signature "left-handed toast" to his friend following the game. The two worked Twins games together over the past 25 years.

And let's not forget some of those fun memories:

Following the game, Blyleven tweeted about the outpouring support that he received from fans and his colleagues.

He will now become a special assistant with the Twins while the television broadcasts will feature Justin Morneau, Roy Smalley, Jack Morris, and LaTroy Hawkins.

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