MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Already sunk by midseason, the Chicago Bears were happy to wrap up a frustrating year with a late-game push for the win.

As far as feeling good for the Minnesota Vikings, body was the easy pick over mind.

Eddy Piñeiro’s fourth field goal of the game came from 22 yards with 10 seconds left, giving the Bears a 21-19 victory on Sunday with the Vikings resting their regulars for the playoffs.

“We’re going to learn from this,” Coach Matt Nagy said. “It could have been easy for them to do just that and not be fighters, but they did. That’s the positive.”

Piñeiro, the latest attempt by the Bears (8-8) to solve their persistent kicking trouble, finished the season with 11 straight made field goals. Mitch Trubisky highlighted another unremarkable, conservative performance by hitting Riley Ridley for 34 yards on fourth-and-9 with 2:36 left from midfield to set up the winning kick.

Minnesota missed a third 11-win season in six years under Coach Mike Zimmer, but he was far more concerned about taking a healthy team to the playoffs.

Play a wild-card round game next weekend at New Orleans.

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