My wife works every third weekend. That means I'm home alone with our three kids all day, or if I'm brave, I leave the convenience and safety of being a shut in all day.

Outside of being hyper-vigilant in watching them so none of them wander off, another factor also restricts me from wanting to take the kids out is that I can't easily change a diaper in a men's room. This us due to the normal lack of a fold up changing table of any kind in the men's room.

Even if my wife was along on the excursion, she would likely end up being the one to change a diaper because that's women's work, right? Of course not! But it becomes that because there aren't any damn changing stations in the men's room.

So I get pissed because it's a hassle and my wife is pissed because it's sexist and stupid. At least leave women out too if you won't provide the baby changing convenience for guys.

Ashton Kutcher posted on Facebook that he was rather displeased with the readily available facilities for guys.

So I will end with this: Business owners and managers in a position of enough authority to spend $200 on your business, please borrow a toddler who is still in diapers from a friend or family member, if you don't have one of your own, and attempt to change the tot's diaper in your men's restroom. If your only option is the floor, I hope that floor is exceptionally clean, and I implore you to spend a couple hundred bucks on a baby changing station and have it installed in your men's room. Ashton Kutcher, me, and thousands of other dudes with little kids will thank you.

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