Today’s technological wonders can reveal the good or bad stigma that can be attached to a name. Before you name a child or join a family through marriage, it’s one extra mountain to climb.

It started with a conversation as someone who recently became a grandparent revealed that after the young sprout was named, the parents Googled the name. Can you imagine typing the name into the search field waiting for the results?

Fortunately in this instance, nothing traumatizing popped up. In fact, the name was attached to someone who is a decent high school basketball player.

When I asked on the KXRB Facebook page if this was a thing, one response brought up a different aspect. What about women who are going to marry into a family and take the name of their beau?

Something like that may or may not prevent the nuptials. It’s not exactly required to change names, but it is a tradition in most families that the bride will adjust her last name.

Much like if your last name is Jones, you may want to think long and hard before naming a boy George if there is no musical talent contained in your heritage.

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