Before there was Twerking or Michael Jackson's Moonwalk or the Gangnam Style Horse Dance there was a dance called The Newton. Anyone remember how to do it? I do. The reason I ask is today (January 16) is National Fig Newton Day.

Today, they’re just called Newtons because Nabisco, the company that owns the trademark, uses fillings other than just figs. You can also get them filled with berries or apples. But Fig Newton Day is in celebration of the fig variety that started it all.

Until the late 19th century, many doctors believed that most illnesses were related to digestion problems and recommended a daily intake of biscuits and fruits.

So, in 1891 an American baker named John Henry Mitchell invented and patented a machine that inserted paste into a think pastry dough. Charles Roser, however, is the one credited with creating the Fig Newton as we know it today.

Fig Newtons are actually named after the town of Newton, Massachusetts, which is near the home of Kennedy Biscuit Works – which would later change its name to Nabisco.

OK, I’m getting off track here – back to the Fig Newton Dance.

Back in the 1970s, Nabisco created a mascot named Big Fig who tried to start a dance craze called The Newton. I remember it because I was in junior high at the time and remember dancing The Newton at sock hops.

But for some reason, it never caught on.

After watching the video, I guess I know why.

Nonetheless, it sure did bring back a lot of fun memories of when I was young.


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