Recently I ran across an interesting story about the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles and how bad tourist traffic is getting in the area. The article talked about the congestion leading up to the legendary sign and how city officials were considering possibly building another sign facing the other direction.

That got me wondering how exactly it would look from a distance. Would it read Hollywood backwards? How would it look compared to the original? Little did I know that at that moment a flood of memories of a t-shirt I once had in Jr. High would pop into my head. It was a t-shirt of Mount Rushmore - unlike any other.

It was a yellow t-shirt that showed the "backside" of the monument - literally. It showed the four presidents leaning over to where you could see their bare butts.

I remember the first time my folks took me to the National Monument and, like most other kids, I wanted to know what was on the back side. They told me, "Nothing."

They were wrong, however. When we stopped in Keystone on our way home, I remember seeing a t-shirt showing the bare butts of the four presidents.

And, of course, I just had to have one!

It would be only a few days later when I would get called into the principle's office in Chester only to be told that I needed to take off the shirt.

At the time I thought it was funny- but apparently he thought otherwise.

And if you're wondering what kind of parents would let their kid wear a t-shirt like that to school - in their defense, my folks never knew. I snuck it out of the house.

Gosh, now that I think about it, I sure would like to get my hands on one of those old Mount Rushmore t-shirts today. I wonder if it comes in a 2XL?

Suppose the boss would make me take it off?

Source: Associated Press

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