Brian Kirk, KDLT News Meteorologist

Temps are climbing this morning, and have been since last night. Many of us are still seeing 24-hour temperature changes over 30-degrees! A small town named Longville in northern Minnesota saw a temperature difference of 54° compared to what they were feeling yesterday morning. There’s no question, a new air mass is making its way into the upper plains. It’s not just warmer temps we are observing, but increased moisture levels. That’s just the thing our next clipper system wants as it eyes us down for some snowfall.

The southeast looks to see the most accumulation. Right now, it looks like those in western Iowa could see the best chance of getting over four inches of snow - much of southeastern SD could see 1-3”. Behind this clipper, temps will drop. Wind chills will be below zero for 48 consecutive hours starting Wednesday afternoon and lasting until Friday afternoon. Warmer temps look to return for the weekend with another chance at snowfall starting Saturday.


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