Thanksgiving is a holiday where we appreciate those we love and care for. It is also a day to show thanks and promote giving to others. An anonymous donor in Wagner, South Dakota, is taking that theory to a whole new, amazing level.

An incredible specimen, who wanted to remain unknown, has donated sponsorship for a free, large, traditional Thanksgiving feast for the community and those in need.

We often take our meals and means of food for granted, but this donor is showing their appreciation for the holiday and aiding others. The meal is intended for those who may not have the means to cook a meal themselves, or who may not have anyone to celebrate with tomorrow.

This awesome event is being held tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Wagner Community School in the Commons area. The address is: 101 Walnut Avenue SW, Wagner, SD, 57380.

Volunteers and helpers are needed and certainly appreciated.

Thank you to Brandon Soulek for posting the announcement on our KIKN' 100.5 Facebook Page.

Sources: Brandon Soulek, Wagner Area Growth 

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