There is a lot of stress and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus.  But, you have to look for a little light in this dark situation.  How about penguins taking over an aquarium?!

Businesses and attractions are closed throughout the country including aquariums, museums, and zoos.  The Shedd Aquarium staff in Chicago decided to take this opportunity to showcase their aquatic life to some of their cooler friends.  Say hi to Edward and Annie!

Edward and Annie embarked on some wild adventures.  They even attempted to be security guards.  That didn't work out so well.  They were just too curious and wanted to say "hello" to all their fish friends!

Not too far away at another destination on Chicago’s museum campus, the Field Museum heard about the fun that Edward and Annie were having at the Shedd Aquarium.  So the museum’s friend, Sue wanted to join in on the excitement.  Sue couldn't resist!

Back at the Shedd Aquarium, there was one little critter who felt extremely left out.

Tyson the porcupine made his way around the building, and even managed to find his penguin friends!

Have you discovered any other aquarium, museum, or zoo friends that are exploring their environments due to these unanticipated closings?

Check out the lively tour the staff at the Texas State Aquarium gave to an active audience!

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